What are the factors that make the Uniform and Sportswear segments an attractive proposition? Well, for any industry segment to do well, we need to look at how the trends have evolved till the present day scenario and the prospects going forward as well. Both, Uniform and Sportswear have unique demand drivers and will continue to be extremely relevant going forward as well.

A uniform is worn by members of an organization or educational institution while participating in their activities. The use of uniforms is often an effort in branding and developing a standard brand recall image. Uniforms start from childhood in schools and extend till all ages - it is not uncommon to see the Chairman of a large corporation also wearing a t-shirt with the brand logo at important events.

Sportswear, also known as activewear, spans our lifetime as well, starting with the specified kit for PT class to sports and finally the entire spectrum of apparel created for athleisure activities including yoga, jogging, gym sessions and much more. From the morning walk to late night strolls, workouts or stretching, aerobics to Zumba, camping hikes to rock climbing, every activity has a preferred apparel that is ideal for it.