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BIT Textiles

BITTextiles is the thought and a project accomplished during the COVID-19 Lockdown where all the businesses, especially textile businesses, suffered very heavy losses. Seeing major losses in business and also predicting the difficulty of physically contacting suppliers and customers, BITTextiles’ founders, both Bhavesh Mehta and Viral Mehta, decided to make a personal website for the company. Further brainstorming made us understand and eventually realise about how everyone in the Textile and Garment Industry would be facing the same problem and the only solution visible was to come together, grow digitally and bounce back from this rock bottom. The idea thus came up to make a common digital directory and eventually a common market place for all the people in our industry from all over the world to just come at one place and get in contact with anyone you would like to from anywhere in the world 24x7 through BITTextiles. So, enables to smartly get Business Leads, Target the Customers, Suppliers and Technical Teams. This offers a personalised Website at the most economical cost with the feeling of the Market at users Fingertips 24x7. BITTextiles is a complete B2B Textile Channel for all Businessmen and Professionals working in Fibers, Yarns, Finish Fabrics, Garments and Machineries.

Chola Trade

Chola Trade B2B is An Online Textile & Industrial Platform for Buyers & Sellers. To Buy- Sell- Source All Kinds of Textile Machinery - Spares - Accessories -Industrial Equipments - Yarn - Fabric - Garment & Related Services like Consultants, Technical / Mechanical / Electronic Experts, Logistics, Crane Services and Much More Worldwide.

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